Through Turmoil

Words convey the feelings 

They are humble messengers of a mind

But when the mind is in turmoil

The words are misshapen in the grind

They lose their clarity and feelings fragile

Edges of words sharpen with conflict

Inflicting pain as they drop in the heart’s chamber

Feelings run haywire amidst the hollows

Echoes the pleas of a soul in distress

Words are mangled further with ambivalence

Life spirals and the fine tendrils of nerves cling

For a moment of salvation from the Universe

Eyes convey the shrieking silence

Dilated pupils reflect the state of nervousness

Trying to summon the courage to take refuge

Propitiate the Elements and call it a truce©

2 thoughts on “Through Turmoil

  1. Thank you, Amitav! I recently received a difficult to understand e-mail from someone I care about. This piece helped me reconsider the e-mail in the context of the turmoil that person’s life has undergone. I needed to see the words through that lens, so that I could be compassionate.

    This piece provided tremendous perspective for me.

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