The Room

I am in the room, pacing up and down Yet, the room greets me with silence Does not identify my presence or monologues This space feels like an unknown matrix My ideologies clash with the sturdy walls Doors and windows won’t let ideas escape The floor feels soft and my feet can dig in Undulating footsteps will pull me in It won’t be long before … Continue reading The Room

Busyness of Life

City life is bursting with activities, there’s no reprieve from the endless chatter. Language has gone through numerous makeovers, to suit the hectic lifestyles; shortened, twisted, and even coalesced to birth new meanings, to suit the nouveau temperaments. Automobiles hasten the pace of life and it takes skill to tackle their arrogance with certain dexterity of the feet. Even when sidewalks spill over and there … Continue reading Busyness of Life