Busyness of Life

City life is bursting with activities, there’s no reprieve from the endless chatter. Language has gone through numerous makeovers, to suit the hectic lifestyles; shortened, twisted, and even coalesced to birth new meanings, to suit the nouveau temperaments.

Automobiles hasten the pace of life and it takes skill to tackle their arrogance with certain dexterity of the feet. Even when sidewalks spill over and there is a constant flow of humanity everywhere, with head buried in the latest technologies, people have developed new skills of moving with the flow. As if, everyone has taken a plunge in the sea of humanity; paddling across to destinations planned by someone else. There is no free will, but a coercive wave which is sweeping everyone off their feet.

There is heaviness in the air that we are breathing and is a constant challenge for the lungs to screen the unwanted particles of modern life. Modern life has brought about the most significant change in human behaviour, where moods are so uncertain that an individual becomes unpredictable to oneself.

With varied mood swings, tackling equally volatile situations throughout the day is a challenge played out consistently. Words pinch! Yes, they do, and one is bound to feel antsy due to the verbal volleys that are thrown over our face that rattles the peace to the core. It’s a dawn to dusk of conspicuous struggle to fit into society.

We are gloating over successes, a corporeal satisfaction which creates a chasm between reality and superficiality of life. In the rush hours of life, so many subtle feelings lay there, abandoned by the heart. There’s no escaping the glitz, glamour, and brilliant display of unreal dreams to hide the slow disintegrations of life.

Cynical pleasures deluge life and forced to swim with the undeniable current of reality that creates a powerful maelstrom. Life is never under control and touches the shores of existence, denying the ultimate pleasure of stillness and tranquillity.

Fate is orchestrated and as mere pawns, are strategically shuffled around and even displaced with a flick of whimsical decisions. We fail to recognise the meaning of our existence and purpose is always elusive. We dream because we are taught to, and most of the aspirations are planted in the mind to create another individual who can survive the city life.

We have been left vulnerable by the constant barrage of ideas of ‘how to live our life’, which are more harmful than we can imagine. Now that minds have been conditioned with utter frankness, the ideas are forced down our life. We have no choice but to join the city life. We have paused our thinking but the remote controlled life keeps us mobile.

13 thoughts on “Busyness of Life

  1. Thank you so much for joining my blog. I am glad you like this article. Yes, you are right, mankind is on a pursuit, without a purpose. We are still trying to figure things out in this world. Not that we have made very good progress with managing ourselves.
    I will visit your blog soon. 🙂


    1. I am so sorry, Amitav. I originally wrote it correctly, but my computer must have changed it. I will check before I send from now on so I won’t do it again. I’m glad you have liked my articles. It is so sweet that you have gone through and read my posts. Thank you!

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  2. I agree…..in this melee of people, technology and competition, the quality of life is trapped in a web of chaos. Majority have succumbed to this trap……but there are a few who have their priorities right are are happy and content in their space and are unruffled by the mayhem that surrounds them.

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  3. Reality in a few words! I agree with you in that city life has ruined the spirit of living… But I think there are ways to still enjoy life. I think it all depends on how we see ourselves placed in this huge maze of illusions. I have several people talking to me about career and aspirations (it’s become sort of a trend these days) and they talk about work as if that’s their life (but they clearly are not happy in that space either). I on the other hand love my work but I know that my living is not about my career or awards or goals… My living happens when I come home and lie down on my partner’s lap and we talk about things as he caresses my hair! Priorities have to be set if we are to enjoy life… I know it’s easier said than done but I have found it therapeutic to work my way towards this. And I wouldn’t change it for anything!
    Food for thought. Wonderful post A! 🙂

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    1. Oh yes, you have put that in the right perspective. Prioritizing is the key, and yes, it is not about avoiding life, but maintaining a balance. Support of loved ones and being happy in one’s own space is important. Above all, we have to understand that we cannot rush ahead of life; it has its own pace. Thank you for reading and sharing such a wonderful comment; always welcomed. 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful day.

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  4. Tony, I feel technology to a certain extent is good but we have been overexposed to them and it is taking over our life. It feels that we have no control over our life in the busyness and caught in a Catch-22 situation.


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