The Room

I am in the room, pacing up and down

Yet, the room greets me with silence

Does not identify my presence or monologues

This space feels like an unknown matrix

My ideologies clash with the sturdy walls

Doors and windows won’t let ideas escape

The floor feels soft and my feet can dig in

Undulating footsteps will pull me in

It won’t be long before the walls close in

My eyes scan for any crevice to exploit

There are none, but a reality that does not exist

Flawless design with a programmed future

Unknown symbols and numbers

There is no room for reprieve from this reality

Only to let the mind breach the confines

Decode the Universe’s reality of Life

And obliterate the existence of this room

Open the mind’s eye to look beyond the tangible

When time and space will be nullified

Only pure existence in the realm of eternity©

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