24 thoughts on “Winning Attitude

      1. Even Nature does not remain the same everyday. Change is inevitable. Although, ‘change’ is a mild word compared to ‘falling apart’, but it gives you a chance to rebuild. Just my perception of life.

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      2. I appreciate your positivity. But I guess only some lucky people have that sort of perspective. It’s hard to think of light when all you see is a dark tunnel ahead of you.

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      3. Darkness too have light, faint light is enough when the Soul has clarity to seek ahead in life. Of course, it is hard, never an easy task to think positively in times of distress, but fresh perspectives about life certainly helps.

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      4. Hmm..I like the idea of healing and everything. But it’s a slow process, I feel. Anyway am trying to “flaunt a positive attitude”, like you said and keep myself going. πŸ™‚

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      5. Healing takes time, sometimes longer, but surely, if you have faith in life, you will feel rejuvenated. Yes, even when there’s a raging battle within, ‘flaunting a positive attitude’ helps. πŸ™‚

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