My Reflections

Is it time to celebrate the day’s end?

Reflecting on the surrender and laziness 

Surfing the waves of memories that rushed in

Tiredness has set in, dealing with the emotions

I would prefer to loaf around in the twilight

Till the night gets tired of my incessant banter

Maybe, the day is tired of me as well

Wading across the undulating thoughts 

The vitreous shores reflected various episodes

Now, I will reflect on the night’s musings

Choose a lilting track to ease the journey ahead

Dreams will usher the fortunes that wait for me

I thank the day’s forbearance and helping my journey

My faith in the Universe runs deep within me

I pray for the original energy to rhapsodize the events

Night will guide the eternal traveler

Into the world of silver light and slumbering trees

Hoping to introspect on the sojourn

I possess the world of solitude to help me with the plan©


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