Discard Negative Thoughts and Start Living Life

Negative thoughts are the building blocks to create a fortress around you Life. They block your freedom to look at the positive side of Life and make every day a dreary experience. Suppressing negative energy within has serious ramifications and also limits your interaction with Life. Transforming negative thoughts into something positive will create opportunities for you to open up new avenues.  Negative thoughts deplete … Continue reading Discard Negative Thoughts and Start Living Life

Reflective Eyes

Reflective eyes look meditative There’s a stillness which fascinates the observer Sparkling with intense feelings of life A smile that is crafted with the myriad emotions Contemplative moments run deep in Life Heart beats with rhythm which hearkens divine narrations Eyes slant towards the beauty of an inspiring soul In anticipation to hold the profound gaze  Communicate the true intentions of a soul to soul talk In … Continue reading Reflective Eyes