Discard Negative Thoughts and Start Living Life

Negative thoughts are the building blocks to create a fortress around you Life. They block your freedom to look at the positive side of Life and make every day a dreary experience.

Suppressing negative energy within has serious ramifications and also limits your interaction with Life.

Transforming negative thoughts into something positive will create opportunities for you to open up new avenues. 

Negative thoughts deplete the mind and body of energy and they will cease to work towards creating a better life. Life will not be the same every day and one is better equipped to deal with rejections and setback when the mind is in a balanced state.

A positive mindset will help you analyze the outcomes with clarity and take the necessary remedial steps. 

When you have a strong foundation and balanced outlook of Life, you reflect positive vibes around you. The type of energy you radiate decides the course of life.

Negative thoughts create a barrier between your body and the soul.

When the mind, heart, and soul work in an incoherent manner, you will automatically be deluged with conflicting thoughts, thus, leaving you incapable to take right decisions.

Here are a few points to help you achieve success and overcome negativity-

1.The most important thing in life is to have dreams and the eagerness to work towards them

2.Do not build your aspirations by comparing yourself with others. Identify your interests and be true to them

3.Stop reiterating your problems, as it hurts your progress

4.Your mind is extremely powerful and you can experience its potential if you concentrate

5.Try to be around positive people and communicate with them more

6.Be compassionate and grateful towards individuals and life

7.Kindness won’t harm you and helping someone brings immense joy

8.Smile more often and greet people politely

9.Follow your interests and take time our for leisure and outdoor activities

10.Most importantly, be a quick learner; it will help you avoid mistakes

11.None can deny the therapeutic value of music and creativity (writing, painting, theater, dancing, singing, etc.)

12.Make an effort not to use negative words like- impossible, difficult, distress, disillusion, etc.

13.Concentrate more on your life and your loved ones and stop comparing with what others have

14.Spend time with your loved ones and communicate with them more

15.Accept the fact that there will be ups and downs in life but you have to live life forward

16.Hold the good memories and discard the negative ones

17.Visualize a life of positivity and happiness and you will feel the good vibes


13 thoughts on “Discard Negative Thoughts and Start Living Life

      1. Definitely. Hopefully our own actions can inspire others to do the same. One day, we’ll be able to live in inner peace amongst each other. I haven’t given up on it. Just takes us to change it!

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    1. Thank you so much, Tanya. I was toying with this idea for quite some time. What I am observing in society, I thought this message needs to be discussed. Thank you for pointing out that I have phrased the write-up in a proper way, which is a important feedback for me.
      You have rightly said, it is a vicious cycle.

      Liked by 1 person

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