Reflective Eyes

Reflective eyes look meditative

There’s a stillness which fascinates the observer

Sparkling with intense feelings of life

A smile that is crafted with the myriad emotions

Contemplative moments run deep in Life

Heart beats with rhythm which hearkens divine narrations

Eyes slant towards the beauty of an inspiring soul

In anticipation to hold the profound gaze 

Communicate the true intentions of a soul to soul talk

In silence, the reflections seem to converge 

Feeling the same rhythm of life inspires the souls

A brief glance can evoke the deepest emotions

Willing to walk towards the same destination, forever

Reflective eyes have understood the beauty of Life©

13 thoughts on “Reflective Eyes

  1. ‘Willing to walk towards the same destination, forever

    Reflective eyes have understood the beauty of Life’ ..Yes! A stamp on what is a comfort never to be stolen! Never! It is a hard earned observation too precious to ever ignore! 🙂 Great writing Amitav!

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      1. I’m so sorry, I somehow missed your comment.Your welcome! Your poetry is praise worthy! Recognizably commended.


  2. Wonderful piece.
    The way you seem to be able to capture so many emotions and portray them through your words is stunning to say the least.
    Take care and have a great day.
    You have a gift as I am sure you’d know. 🙂

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  3. You know, Amitav, every time I think you have fully captured some amazing facet of life, I return to your blog and am completely undone by a piece like this.

    It is profoundly beautiful! I am blessed for having read it. Thank you.

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    1. Writer’s are always inquisitive and life throws so many surprises. 🙂 I just do not have enough words to reply to your wonderful comment. Let me just smile. I feel blessed because of such inspiring words and appreciation.
      You are very kind to appreciate my writings. Really thankful for that. 🙂

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