Journey and Distractions

Everyone became busy with the distractions With shut eyes, they followed a voice that lured the heart For they wished to stretch fate towards comparisons Affected by ennui, life is swept away by the waves Sleepers induced with common dreams, expunging reality Expressionless faces greet with a contrived smile Living in arid islands, the soulless directives keep control Inconsistency is the new rhythm that prompts them … Continue reading Journey and Distractions


O’Nameless, you reside within me Custodian of the Soul Voiceless, and yet, the most profound Communicates with the subliminal Directs life by guiding the Senses Silence leaves the Self bewildered Clarity dazzles the vision for a moment Messengers come from every direction Teachings of the infinite world There’s no language to distort reality A miracle of eternal knowledge  Fills the crucible of wisdom  Awakens the … Continue reading Realization


Your existence is illuminated by the reality you believe Some lights can push you towards the brink of disillusionment  Seek purity and amplify the subliminal thoughts with integrity Consolidate your world with the help of an eternal soul Let not falsifications seep into your mind and cause disintegration A journey of a spiritual being begins with a purpose Somewhere, the path gets twisted while maneuvering … Continue reading Existence

Life’s Annotations

There are numerous annotations on Life Projected mental pictures bear granular clarity Visual mistakes do seep through and change perceptions Interesting observations delivered through repartee Amplified narratives expose the possessions of a heart There are pauses between the pages of memoirs Blank spaces absorbed the impact of fallacious thoughts Wisdom never rests and writes true annotations Continue questioning the Universe to realise more verse Swiftness of … Continue reading Life’s Annotations

Soul’s Verses

Like rippled waters, ideas create a gentle awakening Thrills the consciousness to abandon a lazy slumber A voice narrates, “Come, enter the sphere” Pleasing senses exude a feeling of ultimate happiness In conversation with the Universe, there’s revelation Ideas transform into verses and eager to flow Soul sings the verses and the senses feel harmonious A smile of satisfaction radiates the aura and existence Soul’s verses reverberate … Continue reading Soul’s Verses

Uneventful Surprises

The concrete structures and colours synthetic Decided to protect the conceitedness  Foundations that went few feet down are vulnerable Aiming to rise above, draped in an aura of insolence There is shrinking space to propose free thoughts Consistently losing ground, that’s the fate Monotonous persistence drills through every pore Contrary ideas permeate this existence Unseen enemies look for an opportunity  Evil can soon be the master … Continue reading Uneventful Surprises

Criticism and Pragmatic Approach

An excellent piece of writing, either inspires a reader or irritates them. It all depends on the perspectives and how one analyzes it.  ~Amitav The Etymology (Click the link) To understand how the artist felt, however, is not criticism; criticism is an investigation of what the work is good for. … Criticism … is a serious and public function; it shows the race assimilating the individual, … Continue reading Criticism and Pragmatic Approach