A Miracle

Ever new day is a miracle

When the journey becomes tiring

Night offers solace in its tranquility

Darkness gives shelter to the body

Life’s struggles should not make you an adversary of life

Enjoy the night’s soiree and discard the worries

Rest your head on the pillow of Faith

Every new day is a miracle

Seasons gifts the soul different experiences

Pick up the lessons of life every moment

Observe the birds, trees, and playful winds

The intense Sun and delicate Moon

Light and darkness are enthusiastic playmates

Travel through life with positive choices

Life will shower you with benevolent knowledge

Teaching the Spirit to embrace true Love

Subtle changes in life are the most profound

Every moment is an awakening for the consciousness

Morning’s Opera will enthrall the early riser 

The sky expands with an eternal glow and enthusiasm

Every new day is a miracle©

18 thoughts on “A Miracle

  1. That’s beautiful! Yes, ever day is a new miracle!
    Using nature as an inspiration for text has been around for time immemorial… And I’m amazed at the very many interpretations 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much.
      We exist because of Nature and not the other way round. And yes, Literature is incomplete without talking about nature as we are born of it and nurtures us. Can’t neglect the Mother. 🙂


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