Day’s Approval

The day had dawned but was looking quite nonplussed. It was waiting for an approval and few moments of appreciation from the early riser. Although, looking dreary due to the truant nature of the Sun.

Clouds conceal the excitement between the enormous folds. Behind the softness and fluffy nature, there’s abyss, filled with droplets of crystal. They are collected to announce the arrival of monsoon. Floating across with confidence, they usher a day filled with the rhythm of showers.

The wind brings a flurry of activities with it. It’s the winds that tease the trees, as they sway in a constant state of stupor. An underlying feeling arises with a purpose. Repressed feelings of intense summer and the torturous days are expressed through a manic dance. Entire scenery and landscape are gripped in an unknown passion.

Through the grey colour, flashes of lightning bolts charge up the atmosphere. When nature is already awake with such a mood, the night dweller walks out to inhale the fresh aroma. Waiting for approval, the day is now happy to include the solitary soul in this beautiful insanity.

Rains were waiting to pour down. Each drop touches the skin to revive every inch of the body; night’s idleness is washed away. Dreams feel refreshed, and the lungs are filled with the unique sweetness of monsoon.

Mediating seeds will open their eyes and birth the journey of new life. Monsoons, in spite of its sudden ferocity and unpredictable behaviour, bring hope for life on Earth. It’s time to surrender to the rains and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Greens are draped in a luxuriant cover to celebrate the feelings of monsoon’s soul.

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