Mirroring Conflicts

A mirror creates two worlds

Interesting observations with initial doubts

Is it a true reflection or an alter ego?

Friend, foe, or mere hallucination

Maybe workings of a hyperactive mind, this reflection

Representing the light and dark?

Or, the hidden desires magnified for a show

Debating the strengths and weaknesses

Flaws and perfections and dual comparisons 

Most interesting debate with a reflection

Anything between eloquent and asinine

Sometimes sprinkled with profanities

A reflection of microcosm of worlds

Comparisons create unhealthy competitions

Superiority and inferiority; strong and weak

Effects of such deep-rooted dualism are intoxicating

Senseless purposes are expressed in lengthy harangue

A tirade against each other and clash of ego

Mirroring the implausible theories of existence

Reflection magnifies the frailties and insecurities

Sometimes we need the mirror more often©