Advice & tips about blogging

This is a wonderful post providing some important points for new bloggers. Emily has shared this information from her blogging journey. Sharing this, as it will help bloggers. Do visit her site too.

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog!

For todays post, I want to give everyone some advice and tips I have come to learn about blogging. This might help some of you who are just starting out as a blogger, or anyone who still struggles. Now, I am no expert at this and have only been blogging for 2 months, but I have learnt quite a lot in that short amount of time and wanted to share them with you.
Lets start!

1. Have the right essentials.
First things first, you can’t start a blog without a laptop, Ipad or phone. So make sure you have either one you feel more comfortable using. Another handy thing to have, is a journal or two so you can write down your ideas or thought. This will help you more than you think and you won’t be stuck on what posts to write.

2. Be…

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