New Journey

No compass can determine the journey

Time will recede to an unknown abyss

I will flow along the shores of new consciousness

A strong desire pulls me towards a new journey

Experience the depths of eternal awakening

Free from the conformities and imitations

New world will bloom from the bud of consciousness

Aroma of life will emanate perpetually

A formless and deathless world is an adventure

The Elements bow to the magnanimous 

Eternity is amplified and life dissolves in pure bliss

Feeling contented and grateful, a journey begins©

16 thoughts on “New Journey

    1. That’s true, Wendy. It’s important we are content with what we have and see the purity of life and enjoy the real essence. We have to take that step to move away from the unnecessary binds and experience real freedom. With clarity and consciousness we can have a blessed life.

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  1. Together we determine our outcome. Will it be grand, or will it not?
    These thoughts envelope our minds; prey upon our souls.
    Each one a choice.
    Each one a vacuum leading nowhere; without the desire required to bring each to fruition.
    Will we take the chance? Will we not?
    A choice; always a choice.
    Yes, Dear Hearts; always a choice; this is all there is.
    Once the choice is made, there comes the need of intention. Without intention it remains within the vacuum. Shall we allow, or shall we not? Shall we be full of intention, or shall we not?
    All things remain within the vacuum, until freed by intention.
    Choice and intention; without which there remains only a vacuum.

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    1. Thank you, Carolyn for sharing this. Some important points you have mentioned. Yes, we cannot deny the collective consciousness and we have to realize the true potential of our mind to seek clarity and transcend this physical realm and find the real essence of Life. We can make a choice when we strive to know and listen to our Soul, or, the dimension that is within us but not awakened. Intention, as you mentioned is the key, after all it’s our journey and we will face our consequences based on our actions. One has to plunge into the unknown to know the reality.

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