A Rainy Day

As clouds invaded the day, the Sun had to retreat, but could not shy away from its duty. Gloominess was the fate of the day. The Sun was trying its best to peek through the asymmetrical patterns that were obfuscating the intense Spirit of the ruddy character.

The jostling created a rather amusing spectacle in the sky; talk about nature’s drama being played out with an interesting display of emotions through mimes. The drama played out for quite some time, but the season of clouds proved to be too powerful and managed to fulfil their wish. The Sun had to play second fiddle.

Here on Earth, the scenery reflected a rather perplexed demeanour. There was a sense of unsettled behaviour among the birds, and the trees went from dancing fervently to absolute stillness. Gusts of wind breached the territory and displayed confusing feelings.

Today, the grim looking clouds presided over the day’s proceedings. Within, they are churning with rage and waiting for the right moment to unleash the captive rage. Thunderbolts and the mean streaks shuddered the environment; communicating a stern warning before the extravaganza begins.

Few birds were perched on the highest branches and looked perplexed. They could not decide on a safe place to fly away to, and the palpitations were clearly visible.

There was hurriedness in the flowing river, anticipating the journey ahead when it overflows. It may have to change its course and flow over unknown lands. Some life will be revived while the fate of some may be submerged forever.

Continuity is another name of life and this season can change the fortune of many. Some will be woken up from forced hibernation while others have to adapt and survive.

Captive feelings started pouring over the landscape and were rejoicing in their new-found freedom. A fine screen created a haze to present a blank canvas for the creative mind to paint its own invisible imagery from nature’s narration.

The rainy season can be a hypnotic storyteller and pull you away from the premises of time. Interesting stories are played out and one loses track of life to experience the beauty of rains unfold in splendour.

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