The Illustrations

The illustrations in the book were distorted Heavy graphite smudges reflected the darkness A mind that was not illumined with life Lines demarcated the field of comprehension Barren landscape where nature did not tread Stern looking faces demoralised the reader The pages felt heavy with prejudices An intellect without the nourishment of the Universe Deceptive narratives accompanied the illustrations Every character coerced to deliver verbal … Continue reading The Illustrations

Flute Tune and A Writer’s Predicament

A recording of the flute was playing for almost six hours at a stretch. Same notes played in a loop transformed the day into a contrived music connoisseur. The hollow bamboo instrument that entices the wind to express such beautiful melody now sounded tired and breathless. The hollowness screamed in agony. It is a torture for the flautist in the imaginary world of an individual’s desire … Continue reading Flute Tune and A Writer’s Predicament