Flute Tune and A Writer’s Predicament

A recording of the flute was playing for almost six hours at a stretch. Same notes played in a loop transformed the day into a contrived music connoisseur. The hollow bamboo instrument that entices the wind to express such beautiful melody now sounded tired and breathless. The hollowness screamed in agony.

It is a torture for the flautist in the imaginary world of an individual’s desire for such unusual pastime. It is a classic case of agonising recreation, at least, for the ones who are inadvertently dragged into the scenario.

Now, my imagination compels me to visualise an artist, who is completely exhausted, tired facial muscles accompanied by the swollen nerves that created designs across the forehead and temple; as if, screaming for help. The overworked lungs must have been on the verge of collapse, deflated and loosely hanging like a bunch of knotted mesh.

Who in the sane mind can listen to such a melancholic tune with such dedication? The room must have been sighing as they succumbed to ennui. Walls must have changed colours, after being saturated with the overdose of a melancholic flute tune.

The protagonist is obviously unaware of the fact that an exasperated writer is expressing anguish on paper, all the while trying to comprehend the sentiments of such characters. Not the one to lose cool or jump to conclusions, the writer gets into an intense debate to arrive at a fair understanding.

After being made an audience to the flute recital for such a long time, it was an effort to keep the mind in control and not become delusional. It feels as if the tune has entered the mind and is slithering its way towards the territory of ultimate irritation.

Life surprises every day and this one incident is among them for sure. Now, it is time to find some eloquent words to prepare a convincing speech to present some substantial reasoning to rescue the flautist from inevitable ruination. Who said writers can find the right words with ease; the challenge of communicating with a passionate or rather obsessed flute lover is immense.

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