Course of Life

Do not stab life with vengeful thoughts

Expect the stream of life to bathe you in glory

Shallowness will stare at those regretful eyes

No one can make a splash and experience depths

Once life flows away in a different course

Universe can foretell the fate of a journey

Look carefully for the subtle hints in every drop©

15 thoughts on “Course of Life

  1. I read this earlier in the day and didn’t have time to leave a comment, but it is really a wonderful piece, Amitav. Every line has something to think about deeply. As a writer, I also love that you start with something sharp and forceful (“stab” and “vengeful”) and end with something small and gentle (“subtle” and “drop”). So often writing works in the other direction from the “soft” to the “loud”. It made me stop and go back and really digest the piece.

    Again, wonderful!

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    1. I always enjoy when my poetry is being interpreted this way. 🙂 It’s just a cycle we get enmeshed in. It wouldn’t be so if we pay attention to the simple nature of life.
      Yes, the first line of poetry and first paragraph of a novel always matter. Not that I can do justice to that every time, but I keep learning, as I write, which I guess also depends on the feelings and scenario I am writing about.
      Thank you, for sharing this perspective and your observations and feedback always helps. 🙂

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      1. We fail to wake up our mind and soul, I guess we are just opening our eyes and thinking about ‘spatiotemporal’ aspects, more inclined towards the physical nature of life and here we falter. We do not understand the importance of stillness, to acquire true knowledge of life. 🙂

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      1. Busy with the mental complexities of life’s little actions and reactions lol. Good though, mostly. You?
        I love reading between lines, hopefully accurately :p

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      2. Rather than complexities, I would call them deep contemplation’s of life and I know where your mind can travel in search for relevant answers. 🙂
        I am doing good.
        Oh yes, interpretation on a poem or any written piece is well worth debating.

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      3. When I wrote poetry more regularly on
        another site I would marvel at the interpretations of my poems. So vastly different than my intent yet i could see how and why they made their interpretation. It would always remind me of the relativity and subjectiveness of words and communication. I rarely corrected anyone, because really, at that point who cares what I meant? Words are beautiful.

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      4. Any good piece of writing, be it any genre, a reader will come up with different perspectives every time. Read carefully, the words reveal the hidden facets and the reader tries to relate it with their experiences. Words are beautiful messengers indeed.

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