The Voices

Voices, sans feelings, are only insignificant sounds Difficult to comprehend the frequency and intent There’s ambiguity and does not appeal to the ears Voices without any purpose, vanish without a trace Try to modulate the utterances and emphasize on feelings Consult the mind, heart, and soul for some inspiration Allow voices to be more dynamic for it can awaken a mind And prompts the senses … Continue reading The Voices

Frail Love

When love is weak, it cannot build an abode Frail will and no deep purpose to lay a foundation Pretence boldly narrated with the masks on Lust is revered and greeted with lot of excitement Nothing displeasures when there is no purpose A soul cannot stay without an abode for long Deprived and neglected in the wayward journey Only a realization that comes too late in life That … Continue reading Frail Love