Human Relationship and Communication

Truth has it own way of revealing itself; this world cannot suppress it for long. ~Amitav

It is observed that human to human relation is truthful, and simple exchanges or conversations are a healthy discussion of ideas, provided there is less or no influence of popular media.

Communication is less adulterated and opinions can be shared with much faith and openness. When an individual can sense the truthfulness in the concerns being shared, it is likely the other person will entertain the thought(s) with an open mind.

Every one of us has something to teach, share, and even rectify the flaws. Our flaws, less identified, when we tend to believe that we are accomplished and may be pointed out through the perceptions of well-intention people, we regularly communicate with. But self-realization helps in this aspect.

Close knit society or community can be built when people trust each other and believe that the intentions of helping each other do not have any ulterior motives; people willingly form a more enduring relationship.

Without denying the fact of individuality and personal space, one can reach out to people (acquaintances and families) with trust. Here, a society represents the population of a nation or state.

Coming back to the role of media and broadcast of events that occurs in our society seems to sow the seeds of doubt in minds of the masses, even when the nature of the situation narrated is simple.

Given a transformation and dramatised, the original news is buried under the heap of glitz (to appeal to the senses) and eventually mess up the clarity of our consciousness.

The etymology of the word ‘broadcasting’, is quite interesting, it goes like this- (1767, adjective, in reference to the spreading of seed from broad (adj.) the past participle of cast (v.). Figurative uses recorded from 1785. Modern media use began with radio (1922, adjective and noun)- as a verb, recorded from 1813 in an agricultural sense, 1829 as figurative sense, 1921 in reference to radio.)

Although the news is gathered from society itself, the authenticity of their makeover and transformation, before broadcasting the event may or may not have been compromised. It does not imply that all news is not authentic.

To make news more appealing to the masses, some editorial craftsmanship is required to add certain facts, whereas, expunge few. This could deliberately divide the opinions of the masses ‘for’ or ‘against’ the news.

This is true for all forms of media and more recently, with the celebrated Internet and the world of social media, people avoiding their opinions more than ever. The initiation of debates is based on designed content in such a manner, to elicit responses from the followers.

It is noticed that people are inadvertently pulled into this commotion and everyone is lured to jump into the arena; what ensues, is a verbal confrontation and even ugly online spats can also lead to cyber bullying. Individuals take advantage of anonymity and resort to personal attacks.

I contribute to forums to understand the present sentiment of society. Usually, in comment sections of a news article (political, entertainment, and technology) I add my comments to initiate a conversation with fellow forum members.

Barring a few members, I find people mostly swayed by emotions and their replies lack logic, which is compensated by aggression and personal remarks which are objectionable.

Most of them claim to be well-educated from good institutions, yet their analysis of social psychology is less than adequate. I can feel the sense of an inflated ‘I’ factor which has become the newest addition to the genetic code.

Considered, that my replies were always civil and mild; I mostly explained with sane logic, and were not controversial in nature. The kind of responses I received lacked etiquette and made disdainful mentions.

Of course, this is not an insinuation against the entire society; it definitely reveals the behaviour of the microcosm of society, who reflects the learned behaviour from various sources and reflects some of the deep-rooted malaise and behavioural issues.

Even in organisations, passive aggressive behaviour is common and ‘ organisational culture’ cannot be effectively implemented across the verticals due to the fact that every individual bring their deep-rooted ideologies from which they cannot part easily; it remains ingrained in the consciousness for a long time.

When employees find a common factor or topic to talk about and display the behaviour which they are comfortable with, they blend into a group and create a parallel ‘organisational culture’, made up of these small groups as they bond over similar sentiments.

The 24/7 culture and overworked minds hardly get a break from the plethora of information that is being circulated in various social media platforms. In fact, relationships which are formed over online forums and Apps are proving to be counterproductive.

Few algorithms cannot accurately match two people, based on their ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’. It’s foolish to trust technology to when it comes to serious relationships. Most often, people face disappointments and even duped after dreaming of a true everlasting relationship.

Our mind, no doubt, is being heavily influenced and even coerced to exhibit behaviour which is alien to our nature. Relationships between humans have evolved and it seems there is no sign of progress to strengthen it further.

We are surrounded by a plethora of information but lack the mindset/consciousness, to analyse them in a mature way. Such information restricts the original thought process and more importantly splits power decisions. It’s creating a barrier within, which is not a very healthy indication.

I can sense indecisiveness, lessened trust, disdain for life’s values and also exhibition of uncouth behaviour. Such behaviour being celebrated by the peer groups give legitimacy to continue to display false bravado by denigrating fellow human beings. This is the scenario which scripts the disintegration of society in the future.

Communicating with people have become more guarded and there’s always a sense of apprehension and tinge of mistrust. With parochial mindsets deeply etched into the consciousness, the sentiment of ‘Oneness’ (Global citizen) is a distant dream.

Boundaries are limiting our journey and the simple human to human bonding is weakening. With insular mindsets and so many ideologies, there is unnecessary paranoia about life.

Many ills, in the disguise of popular information that easily penetrate our mind and homes are creating a rift in the family; as they play with emotions of people and make them vulnerable.

Attention is diverted by corporate campaigns to set unnatural standards in education, career, fashion and even personal choices. Every little aspect of our life from Breakfast to supper is blended with propaganda.

Now the minds are engaged with virtual problems, downloading them in the memory, and executing them to make it a reality. It is a disturbing trend indeed.

Whereas, few people who are not bothered about it all, choose solitude and devote their time to tune into the real frequency of the Universe to receive the real news which helps build a new life and character.

On a final note, we have to regroup, to strengthen the human-human relationship and steer away from false propaganda and work together, globally, to bring peace on this Earth and also to save Nature from annihilation. Life has to be simplified.

We need to find the seeds from nature and nurture them to cast them, for they can birth new life holding the purity of knowledge.

20 thoughts on “Human Relationship and Communication

  1. I have not watched TV for 2 yrs now. I am aware of world events from the Internet and though interactions in Society. News, I analyze, not every news is important and not very communication is truthful or holds meaning. Are you tune with life? That’s the question you should ask. Are you aware of yourself? Are you comfortable with solitude and ask your mind and soul to comprehend life. These are the things you should be asking. Being tune with life, does not mean the the physical experiences and imitating what everyone does- like career, schooling, exotic holiday, or being able to buy the expensive designer brands. Being in tune means self- awareness which allows one to take decisions without confusion and most importantly, with the ubiquitous ‘cubicle culture’ mind’s have developed a very narrow vision of life. Therefore, the inner turmoil, which manifests in the relationships with other people or society. A faithful source lies in experiential way of life, to feel the pace of nature and not run the rat race, competing with each other. Comparisons are not going to reward anyone with a stable and happy life. Happiness comes with contentment with life. With practice, one has to cut off the unnecessary noise and listen to the inner-voice. Life is eternal, but our body is not. Life will continue as it’s the fate of the Universe. What you are calling news are only events that are happening around due to reactions of society. Human to human conversation, but without a prejudiced mind is the key.
    Hopefully, I could answer your queries.


    1. Yes thank you. I think we are of like mind on this. I have no issue spending a week alone without any source of media and have done so many times at a cabin without connections. I made a point of going out to “gad” with the few neighbors and visit a local pub– making a special point to talk to real living humans. It feels unbelievably good.

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      1. I agree we humans being social beings we want to be with people. But to know more about one self solitude helps. Not that everyone can do that and happiness is not restricted to some activities or situations. It’s a state of mind and when one find inner peace it becomes a perpetual feeling. 🙂

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  2. Wom Amitav, u have fairly penned the truth of this developing world;where human races are just ignorant about these little facts. Well done, much appreciable 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Ratika. 🙂 Well, it’s a universal problem. These are little facts which have been ignored by humanity for long, and are showing negative implications; and Internet and Social Media has queered the situation further.

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      1. yes, thats absolutely right. Schools have moral science books as a part of their syllabus but its a mere teaching..not guiding students to bring these small moral qualities in actions.

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      2. Yes, I can see it from your writings and comments on my blogs. You have been entirely different and I like it (y) 🙂

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  3. This is worth several serious reads, Amitav!

    Information moves so quickly today, that we aren’t giving ourselves enough time to process it, measure it, weigh it and think deeply about it. I think that goes equally toward a lot of what we say. We can’t change the pace of the information in the world, but we can control the pace that we choose to move with it.

    Excellent and thoughtful piece!

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    1. Thank you so much Tanya. It’s usually longer than my normal articles, so, thank you for reading it.
      Yes, actually so many choices and information is causing ‘analysis paralysis’. But we need to step back and reclaim our life, because if this cycle continues, the future generation will be affected too.

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