Contradictions of Reality

Constant shadow of warped logic shrinks the intellect. ~Amitav

We like to deal with life that can be planned and will work out according to our perception. A programmed life we can control, and if stretched further, a future that we have imagined.

We feel safe when we can give a defined outline to our perception and create a ‘mural’ representing the various scenes from life. Given a choice, we would like to fill it with chosen colours; it won’t be a transgression if we choose to distort the ‘mural’ and extend the duration of our favourable events.

Usually, these events play out and our thoughts develop by acquiring the knowledge as we experience with physical realities. In fact, our consciousness is attuned to seek within the boundaries of realities that are taught to us. Knowledge is handed down to us and we choose to conform.

We are mostly oblivious of the knowledge that the ‘unknown’ carries and is true in the’ unforeseeable’ future or fate of life.

The ‘unpredictability’ of life is also a truth and we cannot accurately predict by comparing the past and present occurrences. It is true that the future is beyond our reach and consciousness can only foresee depending on conscious thinking and imagination.

We can stretch our imagination to a certain limit, as we are usually caught between the contradictions of ‘known’ and ‘unknown’.

There are profound signs from the universe, but because of our fear of venturing out of the commonly acknowledged path, we either ignore them or completely denounce them with all our reasoning.

We manipulate life to work according to our plan and the type of reality we have become comfortable dealing with. Although we face numerous problems, which sometimes questions this usual existence we do not contemplate looking at any other option, or consider opening up our world to the new consciousness that is true but not given credence.

The death of ‘reality’ which we experience may mean prolonged survival in ‘unpredictability’ which will compel us to learn new life skills and adapt to new knowledge.

Only a philosopher tries to relinquish the predictable and programmed life to willingly surrender to the unknown. Such experiences, when delivered through language, can perplex the readers; along with the fact that much of the debate/narrative may seem preposterous.

Accepting ideas that contradict the established reality and questions it convincingly can seem daunting. The workings of the collective consciousness do not allow anyone to break away from the mould easily.

It is also true the essentiality of philosophy and believing in the unknown may be considered an obscure passion. The onus is on the philosophers, to inject the ‘essential reality’ in small amounts and also nurture the ambitious dream of revealing it completely and convince the collective consciousness to break free of the mould.

7 thoughts on “Contradictions of Reality

  1. Agree, finding ourselves we discover our connection to the whole. I think fear of losing ones false self is what holds many back as well as idleness. But to hold onto a false self is never going to answer the bigger questions. We all have our individual journeys I suppose and this time I’m looking a little deeper 🙂

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  2. Fantastic post! Yes, I love the idea of the philosopher injecting ‘essential reality’ to ease understanding. I think the unknown is within us but forgotten and that is the search so many of us are on, trying to remember or get in touch with the knowing presence inside. The universe does give us signs and I think in a way we unknowingly know what is up ahead sometimes. Thanks for the link to this post, fascinating 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much. Really appreciate you shared your thoughts on these articles. Realizing the ‘essential reality’ is the ‘Oneness. and an all encompassing experience.
      Segregation and separation are usually the workings of idle minds, to mislead.
      I agree, universe gives clues and it only takes focus and deeper consciousness to identify them.
      I am glad, you liked the articles.


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