Seeking Guidance

Beautiful feelings entice the ears Surrounds the world with mystical mantra A soul leans forward to embrace them They speak to you in hushed voices Wondrous moments for the spirit Seeking the guidance from Universe Narrating the glory of the unseen  Revealing the honest paths of Paradise© Continue reading Seeking Guidance

Evening City Life

City lights brighten up life for long hours Infuse life with extra dose of radiance Squinting windows of modern architecture Reflects the monotony of everyday extravagance Shiny strip of boulevard awash with busyness Even the rains could not keep away the crowd After a brief respite, city life magically awakens So many footsteps chronicle the journey Skillfully maneuvering through life Weariness is suppressed to go … Continue reading Evening City Life

On Rains

Fallen leaves pulverized by relentless rains Sheer ferocity reflects in their dedicated strike Soft petals of flowers tremble with intense agony Exhausted from carrying too much burden  There is no soul outside to save the flowers  Leaves cling to the darkened shades of branches  Bowing down in prayer till the storms pass This strife of nature raises unknown sentiments Without the rains the Earth will bear … Continue reading On Rains