Nature’s composure is willingly perceived as leniency Stillness invites diabolic thoughts to pervade through peace Constant nature of ignoramus minds to confront and demolish Arrogance grazes the serenity and causes nature to bleed Exposing the insecure nature and manifestation of inner turmoil Universe observes and sends subtle hints to educate minds Busyness cloaks the heart with apathy and precarious pursuits We pay obeisance to accumulated … Continue reading Nature


Jealousy fills the mind with anger and that acts as a corrosive property, thus, destroying anything along the path- intellect, common-sense, love, respect, gratitude, and self-development. The person, against whom the feelings are directed is completely oblivious and continues with life; with a positive feeling and is successful in realizing its true essence. This positive feeling can take the individual toward success, despite the hurdles. … Continue reading Jealousy