Nature’s composure is willingly perceived as leniency

Stillness invites diabolic thoughts to pervade through peace

Constant nature of ignoramus minds to confront and demolish

Arrogance grazes the serenity and causes nature to bleed

Exposing the insecure nature and manifestation of inner turmoil

Universe observes and sends subtle hints to educate minds

Busyness cloaks the heart with apathy and precarious pursuits

We pay obeisance to accumulated wealth and suppressed by debt 

Karma will write the fate of every soul and prepare a memoir

When Universe wakes up from its meditative appearance

There won’t be any reply from the already weakened life

Disconnected and uprooted from the natural benevolence of Earth

Life cannot comprehend the symbiotic relationship©

4 thoughts on “Nature

  1. Splendid poetic descriptions. The symbiotic relationship between God and man is too often ignored and neglected. The only true assurance of being protected.

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