Importance of Blogging- A World of Knowledge

The Internet has been a boon for many and when we think of gathering information and updating ourselves with more knowledge on different topics, is thought to be a utopian situation.

Well, I agree that there won’t be an ideal situation because of the multitude of thoughts and when different levels of consciousness collide, it is expected to be a knowledge arena where everyone is eager to share their views, and sometimes strong opinions.

When opinions and views can be overwhelming, one has to prepare the mind to possess a positive outlook and apply critical thinking to analyze every piece of information, as much as possible. Possibilities are many and opportunities innumerable, but we should ensure that we apply logic and common sense to keep our sanity among the sea of information.

From the available information, we have to judiciously use our maturity to extract the right knowledge and use it to our advantage. 

Mostly, in the education system and long years of schooling, the mind is trained to listen and accept every line that is there in the book. A Curriculum is prepared to follow and rarely discussions occur on subjects and knowledge that falls outside the premises of rigorous semesters. It is sacrosanct for an education institution to function and educational degrees are given to make them employable.

In this entire process, many discussions are swept under the carpet of doubt. The mind carries those limited ideas, based on the distilled knowledge and the consciousness does not get the opportunity to welcome ideas that fall outside the curriculum driven education.

While picking up a book or reading an article or blog; or for that matter, literature that deals with myriad subjects about life, the mind cannot absorb those ideas expressed by writers and bloggers. We have to take the next leap to ideate and collaborate in an endeavor to inspire young minds everywhere. 

We are generating content in bulk and it’s a fact that the world never sleeps. So, the 24/7 nature of the Internet, combined with various social media platforms, the amount of data or information that is generated is enormous.

To give you some idea (it’s the year 2012 Data, but it will give you some perspective from the following infographic)-


Image: Erik Fitzpatrick licensed CC BY 2.0

For more information visit this site.

With the increase in the Internet speed and easy accessibility through Mobile Devices, data generation will increase exponentially in the recent future. The virtual space has become a ‘Global Community’.

This is the background which we need to understand when we narrow it down to the blogging world. To give a rough estimate, consider the following infographic-


For more information visit this site.

The knowledge that is within us and mined by our mind from our understanding and consciousness of life and the deluge of information that is evident from the given infographics, it becomes necessary that we are cautious about entertaining them. The conflict is at three levels-

  • What we believe (inherent knowledge and beliefs)
  • What we are taught (Educational institutions)
  • New-Age information through the Internet

We have to train our minds to balance them, or rather, tackle such situations to arrive at a logical conclusion. Such is the predicament of Bloggers. When we talk about blogging, we are generating content by being influenced by various sources and also striving to present original ideas by braving the three levels of conflict as mentioned above.

Blogging is not only a hobby for some people, but for writers (published/aspiring writers) a brilliant platform to showcase and promote their published work and aspiring writers can hope to be spotted by potential publishers. 

The Blogging Community allows networking with fellow bloggers from every part of the world and a healthy exchange of idea sows the seeds of inspirations. Healthy critique and the zeal to create positive literature should be the key initiative and motive.

Coming back to education, we need to explore the next level and move out of the set premises of learning by rote knowledge. When the world opens up, we should be prepared to accept new ideas and also come up with unique ideas which are in tune with the present world scenario.

The motive should be to build new-age knowledge on the strong foundation of our intrinsic knowledge and excellent consciousness. 

Let’s not hold back positive imaginations and allow the blogging world to generate ideas of literary value that will revolutionalize the blogging community, and also the entire world. Bloggers have to realize the fact that they are responsible for generating healthy ideas that can be the reliable model of information for the future generation.

We are creating individual Brands and we ought to be on our best behavior if we wish to be a credible source for knowledge.

12 thoughts on “Importance of Blogging- A World of Knowledge

  1. A neutral balanced write up….. admirable….I too believe in the choice of a perfect mid track and have a opinion that would be of good information, Interesting as well as correct on terms morally too.

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    1. Thank you for visiting my blog. It’s really nice that you shared your views on this write-up and as a writer such feedback always helps and I know where my content has delivered and connected with the reader. Best wishes to you.

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      1. And to think of it they are growing exponentially. You can imagine the number of social media platform and the users are growing. These statistics will reach staggering proportions.


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