The Horizon

The horizon, a glimpse of another world

A sight that intrigues the solitary seeker

Create a bridge with imagination

Enhance your perception to reveal the secret

What’s preserved beyond visible?

Let your instinct be the compass in this journey

To travel the farthest, consult your soul

Follow the trajectory of the universe

With fewer distractions, mind acquires clarity

A journey to explore many horizons 

For a traveler who wishes to contemplate life©

7 thoughts on “The Horizon

  1. Beautiful…

    I think of storytelling as creating a bridge with a new arc of narrative over the deep waters of the great stories of the past – an arc that stretches from reality into the lands of imagination. So, of course, this piece, even though it is about life and not just storytelling, really spoke to me…Lol

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      1. That I always do. 🙂
        But the urge to actually, physically travel the world cannot be quenched by thoughts. 😦

        Liked by 1 person

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