A Path and Destination

It’s a new day and you have to prepare before you walk out of the front door. The choices you make will decide whether you will walk down a slope or an uphill road. Consider, the usual straight road with a predetermined destination is erased from the itinerary.

It takes a lot of effort to motivate the mind to adjust the steps on such short notice, or, if you do not have a choice, the path will choose you. You are not given an invitation, but a path that does not lead to any specific destination intrudes into your life.

The question that comes to mind is, “Does every path lead to a destination?” The answer may be debated and will vary according to the circumstances of life. If that is the case, you need to prepare for an uncertain journey, where you have to persuade your mind and heart to follow and take a decisive action; hoping, the journey will take you to a destination.

When you reach there, the place may be not to your liking or anything that you have dreamt of, but you will have some time to rest and decide the next phase of the journey. At this stage, you will have a fair idea about the effort you need.

Walking down a slope may prove to be an uphill task, whereas, going uphill may be easy, provided you keep your focus on the pinnacle.

Although, we limit our journey and can choose the mentioned paths, or we can break away from the norm and create our own. To walk through uncharted territories, one needs determination and vision to imagine the unexpected turns. Prescient moments will reveal the ideas to confront any challenge.

Along the journey, you will meet fellow travelers and acknowledge each other’s presence with a smile. Look at their eyes and try to hear the narrative of the soul; everyone has a story. Once you become adept at reading faces of men, women, children, and the elderly, you will have chronicled many stories in the mind.

After all, the scarlet life that flows through us does help us connect and share our stories, irrespective of the challenges and individual struggles. With empathy and gratitude, you can make a new day worthwhile, and you will surely move closer to a destination.

4 thoughts on “A Path and Destination

    1. That’s true, Radhika. But if we really introspect and be more comfortable confronting the inner uncertainties, then we can have clarity. In spiritual sense, there’s no real path to reach the destination, but with integrity and belief in the universe we can reach that destination as the path is revealed to us. That’s where one can experience the continuity of life.
      Always wonderful to read the perspectives you share. Thank you and wish you a wonderful day.

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  1. “Walking down a slope may prove to be an uphill task, whereas, going uphill may be easy, provided you keep your focus on the pinnacle.”

    So well said. This just makes so much sense

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