Happy Feet

The field welcomed enthusiastic happy feet

Not bothered by the steady drizzle and boggy feel

Grass cover looked fresh in the shades of lively green

Slipping and sliding across in merriment 

Games can wait but let the revelry in mud continue

Feel the colour of nature paint a brown suede coat 

Scraped skin and few bruises to show off the heroics

Children play the game in an innocent spirit

Every soul brimming with extra hours of contentment

Freedom of the happy feet and exuberant rhythm

This is an invasion of true happiness in the field

Splendid event of a group of honest hearts’ joyfulness

Without any competition only pure excitement 

Wish the field was bigger and covered the world

More games could have been played by happy feet

Maybe the drizzle will soften few hearts

We could welcome more lives blossom with pride

Carry on the legacy of being one with nature

Hope, the happy feet will find the right direction©

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