O’Nameless, you reside within me

Custodian of the Soul

Voiceless, and yet, the most profound

Communicates with the subliminal

Directs life by guiding the Senses

Silence leaves the Self bewildered

Clarity dazzles the vision for a moment

Messengers come from every direction

Teachings of the infinite world

There’s no language to distort reality

A miracle of eternal knowledge 

Fills the crucible of wisdom 

Awakens the mind’s eye

Infused with the energy of truth

A ceremonial purification of Life

O’ Nameless, you are the Divine reality©

15 thoughts on “Realization

      1. Thank you so much. Oh yes, I will buy you an island in Singapore. 😀 (says the would be rich writer) And yes, you have to ensure that you and your friends do get hold of the copy of that book.

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      2. Island!!😱😱😇 I am so happy already😁 don’t worry I Will make sure your book gets sold to everyone I know of within my social circle. This is a promise from a would be rich owner of an island in Singapore😄

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Absolutely done then. You can open your own signature restaurant serving all the wonderful dishes. Well, now I am assured that my book will be sold. So, I can look for few publishers in peace. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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