Happy Feet

The field welcomed enthusiastic happy feet Not bothered by the steady drizzle and boggy feel Grass cover looked fresh in the shades of lively green Slipping and sliding across in merriment  Games can wait but let the revelry in mud continue Feel the colour of nature paint a brown suede coat  Scraped skin and few bruises to show off the heroics Children play the game … Continue reading Happy Feet

The Horizon

The horizon, a glimpse of another world A sight that intrigues the solitary seeker Create a bridge with imagination Enhance your perception to reveal the secret What’s preserved beyond visible? Let your instinct be the compass in this journey To travel the farthest, consult your soul Follow the trajectory of the universe With fewer distractions, mind acquires clarity A journey to explore many horizons  For … Continue reading The Horizon


There are times when Light plays hide-n-seek Conspires with the mist to create a glowing haze Tests the vision and willingness to wait in patience It’s these moments that intercepts the thoughts Insulates the mind and heart with feelings of uncertainty Sublimate your being and allow the spirit to guide There is always Light for the one who seeks with Faith© Continue reading Light

Era of Love

When love is being expressed in a contrived manner Eroding all beautiful paths that took the lover to the soul Now, feelings of ambiguity and chosen another way of love Synthetic sentiments drape the body to lure away a heart When flowers have lost their innocence and bloom without aroma Paradise with artificial carpet of grass torments the feet Perpetual summer in the land of love … Continue reading Era of Love

Importance of Blogging- A World of Knowledge

The Internet has been a boon for many and when we think of gathering information and updating ourselves with more knowledge on different topics, is thought to be a utopian situation. Well, I agree that there won’t be an ideal situation because of the multitude of thoughts and when different levels of consciousness collide, it is expected to be a knowledge arena where everyone is eager … Continue reading Importance of Blogging- A World of Knowledge