The intertwisted patterns held together with feeble logic Motifs adorn the essence to provide a conspicuous facade Minds accept and endorse the facts that are reiterated Feeble touch feels the appearance through tutored vision Numerous layers of networked designs conceal the truth It’s difficult to manoeuvre sensibly through obdurate reasoning Lone voices fail to summon the few souls that are aware The journey is a solitary one and requires … Continue reading Clarity


I prefer the devoted light of a simple lantern Dazzling lights with excessive brightness obfuscates vision Inspires dreams that are synthetic, induced by devious photons Dancing deliriously to change the patterns of thoughts Light of the lantern is more subtle and immerses calmly Sitting beside a lantern is meditative as its warmth has purity Walking with the lantern to the darkest part to illuminate gracefully There’s … Continue reading Lantern

Synopsis of Lines

Few lines are drawn casually In different directions, demarcating nothing Unworthy marks, defacing spaces Indentations reveal the impact of temperament Every line is unique, illustrates different intensity Feelings of the spirit written in ciphers on aimless lines Indecisive mind ran amok across blank spaces Directions do not coordinate with any sufficient plan Trajectories of unrestrained and dissatisfied mind Few casual lines draw attention to an inner … Continue reading Synopsis of Lines


Serenity reflects from the still waters of a lake One of those profound moments when nature’s meditative Looks inviting, body wishes to unburden the worries Cloaked in ethereal feelings to walk across the lake  Sublime spirit of the day enthralls the soul to experience eternity With nimble steps enter the hallowed world of pure bliss Today, the world has stopped to acknowledge the omniscience Life … Continue reading Reflections


There are times when Time is perceived to be an adversary The conflicting concepts can set them apart by abysses Depends on how Time behaves- with maturity or disdain None can predict the birth of such an illusionary phase Keeping track of Time itself is an off-track task Caught between the cusp of yin and yang  It’s time to adopt the timelessness to pace the journey … Continue reading Infinite


Thoughts steer your actions and outline the avenues Envisages the blueprint of a place where you would dwell Why rush? Allow the mind to travel through the alleys Paths will cross and lead you to intersections quite often Not everything will go according to plan, but prepare anyways Interruptions and distractions, coercive voices will dominate Settle down and feel the armor of resilience protect you Introspect … Continue reading Plans

Life Continues

Life never stops, even when I am motionless These profound moments allow the mind to mature In silence, I have engaged in meaningful dialogue with myself Many voices that were unheard were expressing their thoughts Soul visions the unknown dimensions to give a glimpse of life When the mind is alert and awakened during the quiescent phase The Universe’s motion and my progress in life synchronize This … Continue reading Life Continues