Enjoy the Journey

There is no liberty in conformity Ask questions from an inspired mind Being in an obdurate world is not noble  Resist acrimony with Life  Rise above the turbulence of mediocrity Claim you right to liberty Freedom comes with responsibility Experience life and enjoy the journey Unify humanity with love and gratitude© Continue reading Enjoy the Journey


How many missteps it takes to stumble? With passion, there’s the urgency to acquire While everything has a facade The unseen ones reflect sinister intentions Leaning toward obsequious life Inimitable styles add the serrated edges Glint of mischief with steely resolve  Every action castigates the soul to submission There’s the lure that flows with rage Fate is being shuffled like cards Each group mocking at … Continue reading Misstep

Ideas and Existence

Pure ideas encircle the Orb Afloat at stratospheric realms Relevant through all Ages Deathless, in a meditative calmness Not every mind can comprehend Relates to the Soul Waits for the moment of awakening Pulsating waves communicate With the One who is willing to listen Idea of Life in microscopic proportions See with the keen eyes Look deeper through the layers A path will emerge toward true … Continue reading Ideas and Existence