How many missteps it takes to stumble?

With passion, there’s the urgency to acquire

While everything has a facade

The unseen ones reflect sinister intentions

Leaning toward obsequious life

Inimitable styles add the serrated edges

Glint of mischief with steely resolve 

Every action castigates the soul to submission

There’s the lure that flows with rage

Fate is being shuffled like cards

Each group mocking at life feels like a winner

Whereas, endlessly sliding away into oblivion

Teeming with false bravado

Life does ask the curious question once more

How many missteps it takes to stumble? ©

2 thoughts on “Misstep

  1. “How many mis steps it takes to stumble?”
    The essence of the poem is this line…..
    “Fate is shuffled like cards”, shows a wisdom and mute disbelief over the chaotic distribution of chance and luck .
    “Each faction mocking at life feels like a winner” , Yes we live in the times of Cynical Cholera ?
    ” Endlessly slipping into oblivion , teeming with false bravado , life does not ask curious questions anymore”
    These lines make it the poem it is. The romantic who is kind to the life who is still full of ideals , brave , though no longer curious about cruelty or heart breaks……
    Brilliant !
    I loved this poem.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will silently acknowledge this comment and just step back to read this excellent interpretation of my poetry. Who says, a reader cannot inspire a writer, well, this is proof.
      Many thanks to you for this multi-faceted comment which displays the true essence of the poem.
      According to me literature has immense responsibility toward society and to shape thinking.
      I wish you the best.

      Liked by 1 person

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