A Life you Seek

It’s not essential to reproach yourself for other’s foolishness

Keep them at bay if they wish not to heed your truthful censure

Give the errant hearts a chance to understand the logic of reasoning

Direct the light of Life toward the souls that are in perpetual darkness 

Only a few has the humility to understand the selfless actions to improve

Gratitude is not a virtue anymore when arrogance looks scintillating 

Foolishness is given credence and an image is cultivated with ignorance

O Life, thou have to suffer the ignominy due to such transgressions

There comes a time when you have to move away with dignity

Seek a path suitable for you and the honest sentiments will be your guide

Life is benevolent to the one who seeks simplicity and knowledge

That you exist is not enough, it’s life’s wish you live with gratitude

Prayers of appreciation for a life that has many beautiful experiences

Seek and you will find! Try not to dwell in a place that restricts life©

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