Life and Decisions

Would you like to confront the mirror of your thoughts? Debate with the myriad reflections of consciousness Imaginations create many situations, of defeats and triumphs Life’s realities prompt your senses to create a world Catharsis through various characterizations, absolving you  From the impact of so many memories that tormented a mind Dialogues of the alter-ego with a persona who guarded the memories It’s only a brave … Continue reading Life and Decisions

The Feelings

When words are crafted as bayonets Feelings become martyrs  Muffled voices do narrate the pain But steely hearts rejoice hurting the Spirit Arousing the dreadful moments, and Entertained by the savage scenes Death is the only future we are aware of Vain is the glorified pain Fate will be crafted from tearful moments The convulsive moments predict a fate For the oppressors of feelings Time … Continue reading The Feelings