Life and Decisions

Would you like to confront the mirror of your thoughts?

Debate with the myriad reflections of consciousness

Imaginations create many situations, of defeats and triumphs

Life’s realities prompt your senses to create a world

Catharsis through various characterizations, absolving you 

From the impact of so many memories that tormented a mind

Dialogues of the alter-ego with a persona who guarded the memories

It’s only a brave soul that can reach a conclusion to let go 

When excess feelings drown the reality of life and peaceful existence

Blank pages become a battlefield of emotions, to defeat grievances

Every word carries the negative feelings to be buried in peace

The pages are inked with the feelings that created turmoil for long

Soul is liberated from the recurring debates that were distractions

Feelings of positivity flow after being dredged of negative sediments©


8 thoughts on “Life and Decisions

  1. This poem is the process of making a poem , it begins looking within ( Confront the mirror of your thoughts) and this debate between imaginary situations defeats that never occurred and the sense of reality clashing to inspire a poem.
    “Dialogues of a persona who guarded memories with the alter ego” to me this line was very interesting as it shows the poet inside a person who guards memories from threatening peace and buries grievances , and negative feelings is transformed in to a manure( sediment) for a beautiful poem , he is doing hard work as he stares at those blank pages…..all poets will love this poem. It is a labour of love and peace. !

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    1. I am really enjoying the interesting perspectives you are coming up with. Poets can extract the real essence of the poem as they contemplate and introspect life.
      But it is also this uncertain territory of nothingness (blank pages) from where a poet gets inspired.
      Thank you dear poet. 🙂

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