Life is a Blessing

Do not plan a journey through mirage of knowledge

Transform reality into an optical illusion

Spiritual awakening will give you directions

Have faith in Life and the eternal love of souls

Inspire everyone to walk the path of realization

Naysayers can wish to exist in the world of darkness

Dissenters are entangled in excessive pride

Live for the moment and life will be a blessing

For, benevolence comes from being grateful©

22 thoughts on “Life is a Blessing

  1. How do I perceive this verse ‘transform reality into an optical illusion’?
    I’m not that great at understanding the deep meaning behind those very few lines in the poetic world.
    Looking forward for your guidance 😀

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    1. We are all experiencing the physical reality that we call ‘Spatio- temporal’ (space and touch) and also move according to the concept of time. But the eternal reality is different which is metaphysical, so there’s a parallel world of existence. Here, ‘optical illusion’ means that we are deceived by the physical world and our vision is distorted and we cannot see the ultimate reality of the universe.


      1. Ohhhh… And can I start to experience the world beyond these limits by introspection? Do I have to look within me at the very first stage? Or is it some other way to get deeper into this??

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      2. Always within you. And it’s not a physical world where you roam around. 🙂 It’s an experience, and remember, every real journey starts from within. The soul is the unexplored or unrealized dimension of life/existence.


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