Life’s Indications

Words convey the feelings of immortality Infused with the poet’s awakening of life’s philosophy Among the world of nothingness, he finds ultimate sanity Gain insight of the knowledge that can rejuvenate life There is nothing ostentatious about the profound truths Sometimes words are not enough to express the feelings Read the sentiments narrated with the mind’s eye Inspire the heart to recite the lines for … Continue reading Life’s Indications

The Shadow

Sometimes the shadow is overpowering Eyes turn away from the profound presence A conflicting reality, a debate between the two Long hours of silence arouses many feelings A question, “Is this ‘me’ I am looking at?” Faint light addresses reality in a reflection The shadow seems real, yet, there is anonymity Sometimes, its proximity is unnerving In favorable light, the ominous feelings vanish The intensity of the … Continue reading The Shadow