The Shadow

Sometimes the shadow is overpowering

Eyes turn away from the profound presence

A conflicting reality, a debate between the two

Long hours of silence arouses many feelings

A question, “Is this ‘me’ I am looking at?”

Faint light addresses reality in a reflection

The shadow seems real, yet, there is anonymity

Sometimes, its proximity is unnerving

In favorable light, the ominous feelings vanish

The intensity of the silent figure is mystical

A debate over the real existence continues

Deciding, which side one should lean©

8 thoughts on “The Shadow

  1. Looking at one’s own shadow is sort of surreal experience. The poem moves like a dream with trance logic. Perhaps poet is unable to come to terms with some reality of self, he feels light decides his shadow’s identity. Powerful insight. Written with seeming simplicity hiding nuances of role play .

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    1. When at one level we are experiencing ‘Analysis paralysis’ due to busyness and plethora of choices (unnecessary distractions); solitary moments are for critical thinking in the altered state of existence. It’s like living inside out, where the inner world confronts us, sometimes with conflicts and also act as a confluence. In duality, there is a chance of falling apart, and on the other hand the confluence of thoughts can bridge the gap between the abyss of uncertainties due to unrealized dreams or inadequate reflection on life.
      Thank you so much for the interpretations you shared. 🙂

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  2. “A question, “Is this ‘me’ I am looking at?”

    Faint light addresses reality in a reflection

    The shadow seems real, yet, there is anonymity

    Sometimes, its proximity is unnerving”

    I could relate so well to these lines ! Walking along, the shadow following my trail, at times surging ahead, this thought has crossed my mind a few times……

    Your words cast a beautiful shadow on the readers !!

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    1. Thank you so much, Radhika. Yes, that’s true, solitary walking and faint light leads to introspection and some thoughts that usually eludes us comes forward with a question. Shadows can reveal the other world of existence which we ignore.

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