Exchanging Notes

While exchanging notes with life There were many lines that were struck off With a bold line across the fallacious thoughts Life does not recognize the clichés and jargons So many lines were relegated to oblivion  Clarity of thoughts requires no elaborate explanation It’s not judicious to expend ink for unworthy thoughts Surround the mind with degenerative ideas Inspire the mind with positive reflections on life Wield the pen … Continue reading Exchanging Notes

Inspiration from a Lazy Day

The day lay supine, yawning and expressing disinterest  Day’s partiality toward laziness and long hours of silence Life out there was trying to trudge along with the dreams A solitary yokel was inspired by the idea of lazing around Waiting patiently to educate the mind with universe’s truth With reluctance, the day had to balance the dichotomy The lure of listening to silence ran through … Continue reading Inspiration from a Lazy Day