Inspiration from a Lazy Day

The day lay supine, yawning and expressing disinterest 

Day’s partiality toward laziness and long hours of silence

Life out there was trying to trudge along with the dreams

A solitary yokel was inspired by the idea of lazing around

Waiting patiently to educate the mind with universe’s truth

With reluctance, the day had to balance the dichotomy

The lure of listening to silence ran through its existence

Let life surge ahead with the myriad opportunities of success

In reality, life looks less daunting with the simple dreams

Richer in soul, interacting with the kindred hearts with love

It is these moments which raise the passion to explore life

Lay supine with the day and behold the mysteries of Earth

Moments of epiphany will bless the soul with eternal bliss©

4 thoughts on “Inspiration from a Lazy Day

  1. Ahhh.. This reminds me of a story on a radio show I listen to… That the most innovative ideas emerge when we are least trying to obtain them.. Otherwise ‘lazy-ing’ around… Even science has shown this..
    It is in the ‘stillness’ perhaps that we are most heard and can hear the energy of the universe speak back.. Is it not..
    Thank you for such a sweet way of expressing this..

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    1. Absolutely, Taruna. I believe, that stillness and silence are two profound moments in life when we can comprehend life at its best. Noise and unnecessary banter leads to confusion and reflects the turmoil within. Knowledge, if anyone is seeking with a true heart is out there (Universe) and also within (Soul).
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. 🙂

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