Speckled Stones

Gathering of speckled stones Some perfectly shaped and round Others, oddly even but crafted by nature Not from the same family Yet, they cohesively create a crowd Unfamiliar designs and trapped signs Maybe the ancient signs Communicating in a sign language unknown Speckled stones reflect brightness Looks unyielding, but may have soft hearts Years of diligent tutoring by nature Shaped their present demeanour None would know … Continue reading Speckled Stones

Waiting for a Sign

The wind has surprisingly lost its passion Frail and dizzy, it trails through the boughs Essence of melancholy stealthily floats across Faint sighs reverberate through the landscape Today, the day progresses with careless attitude A suave Sun failed to inspire the day Wind carries the burden of an untold message With keen ears the traveler wanted to listen Some feelings just seep in with reluctance … Continue reading Waiting for a Sign