Speckled Stones

Gathering of speckled stones

Some perfectly shaped and round

Others, oddly even but crafted by nature

Not from the same family

Yet, they cohesively create a crowd

Unfamiliar designs and trapped signs

Maybe the ancient signs

Communicating in a sign language unknown

Speckled stones reflect brightness

Looks unyielding, but may have soft hearts

Years of diligent tutoring by nature

Shaped their present demeanour

None would know their journey

Caress them and feel their patience

Let me carry some, for a tête-à-tête

The speckled stones will adorn a house©

9 thoughts on “Speckled Stones

    1. I am glad you liked this poem. As a kid, I used to collect stones too, especially the rounded ones and also some which were uniquely shaped. Now, when I was writing this it all came back to me and yes reflecting on those episodes felt good. Simple things bring joy.

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