Deciphering Fate

Who said fate was evident from the forehead? All I could decipher was the deep creases, where life has written some grievances between indelible lines. The lines on the face were on a different trajectory. They did not match the intensity and struggles that were visible on the forehead. Lines of the face narrated a mixed story of sparse phases of sunshine and mostly dispirited … Continue reading Deciphering Fate

A Desired Journey

Without the allusions, the words will carry clarity Steered away from the wooden expressions which were engraved Lacquered to provide a glossy finish to uncertain feelings Here, feelings will flow freely without the subservient attitude Narrated from the soul, unadulterated knowledge will illumine the world From solitude and stillness stirs the most profound realizations of life Revealing the magnificence of the Universe in the simplest language … Continue reading A Desired Journey