A Desired Journey

Without the allusions, the words will carry clarity

Steered away from the wooden expressions which were engraved

Lacquered to provide a glossy finish to uncertain feelings

Here, feelings will flow freely without the subservient attitude

Narrated from the soul, unadulterated knowledge will illumine the world

From solitude and stillness stirs the most profound realizations of life

Revealing the magnificence of the Universe in the simplest language

A journey, away from the aberrant roads where travelers are tangled

From a rustic abode, that sits cozily in the embrace of verdant landscape

The solitary recluse will disseminate the true knowledge of existence

Streams of tranquility do not reflect the souls of narcissistic physiognomy

Tounges that wishes to entice the world with  mere platitudes

Only the truth will be propagated for humanity to revive with love

Gratitude and prayers will enlighten every soul and paradise will shine©

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