Deciphering Fate

Who said fate was evident from the forehead?

All I could decipher was the deep creases, where life has written some grievances between indelible lines. The lines on the face were on a different trajectory. They did not match the intensity and struggles that were visible on the forehead. Lines of the face narrated a mixed story of sparse phases of sunshine and mostly dispirited journey to compete.

On the ‘wanted’ list of life were- love, happiness, gratitude, empathy, and positive intentions. Their photographs from antiquity were sepia toned and grainy, barely recognizable, after being in oblivion have transformed into almost forgotten virtues.

An ‘idea’ has permeated the psyche of the masses, that the mentioned virtues of life are rare; they are supposed to be forgotten and gradually expunged from memory. Life has been redefined as a journey of struggles and competitions, where a game of trivializing each other, is played blatantly.

Along the steps of ‘delusional success’, many innocent dreams and desires are either forgotten or squashed with maladroit behavior; only to reach the world of fantasy (which does not have trustworthy foundation) and brazenly flaunted to dole out cheap extravagance by belligerent hearts.

These narratives of life are nothing but ‘choices’ which etch some doubtful lines across the forehead, only to exist as undecipherable grievances staring in askance.

Life’s foundation requires depth which can be filled with love, gratitude, humility, and compassion. An abode built on a strong foundation is resilient to undesirable weather in life and protects the inhabitants.

Fate is decipherable on the forehead when it has ‘honesty lines’ and flaunts ‘smile lines’ with grace.

6 thoughts on “Deciphering Fate

  1. An intense post with deep insights into deciphering the lines of fate. It’s so true somewhere in this journey our wanted list of values gets eclipsed by the material and illusionary so called success. Only we can define what we want to pursue.

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    1. Thank you so much, Radhika. Yes, that’s true, we create our fate by the choices we make in life. Whereas, values may be losing relevance there are always souls who are proud custodians and deliver positive messages to the world, trying to show the right path toward true success.

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