Away from Mechanical Reminders

Clocks are slaves of Time

The mechanical tick-tock does not have feelings

Their heartbeats are reminders of unemotional existence

Breathing with clinical precision, with a metal heart

Time’s illusion has cast a spell on the clocks

Even the minutest beat at a most decrepit place tries to synchronize

With the maze created by Time to deceive every traveler

Every second a reminder for a tryst with unpredictability

Deep within the subconscious the tick-tock is entrenched

Keeping a close watch on the movements of wandering feet

Betwixt Time and Eternity, there is a deep abyss of unknown consciousness

Freedom beckons the one who chooses to relinquish this dilemma

Every clock will turn into a dummy of mechanical failures

No more a slave of Time, journey becomes enjoyable©

12 thoughts on “Away from Mechanical Reminders

  1. I love your enigmatic writing. It can mean one thing for one person, and something else to another. I especially love your use of irony at the end about clocks even becoming a slave of time. I look forward to reading all your posts- you have a deep mind, my friend.

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    1. Thank you so much. Yes, I like interpretations and, indeed, you have love for poetry that you could read through the layers of metaphors. This is what inspires a poet/writer. When I started writing poetry, I thought it was all about words, well, no it is not. It’s about narrating a story within which are hidden many other stories for readers to find out.
      Sincere thanks for reading my work and appreciate, you took time to share your perspectives on this write.

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  2. Intimate Clock was a topic I had given to college students for a poetry contest. I was saddened by friendships marked by calendar , achievements , appraisals , the mechanical failures as you term it so aptly. Poetry is timeless, as you write and as you read, our brief glimpse of immortality.

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    1. I can imagine the scenario that you narrate. Yes, it’s true we are bound by schedules and have set time-tables for a journey, if possible plan an itinerary according to the set time limit, to achieve success.
      Even knowledge we have crafted to suit our limited mindsets, and scraping off faulty perceptions and information from any source available.
      Thank you for sharing this experience, may be, it could lead to some write in the future. 🙂


    1. And I stay away from Clocks and watches. Stopped wearing watches too. (Well, that’s my story) 🙂
      I know tropical climates and excessive humidity can mess up antique clock pieces. I guess they need thorough caring which may not be possible if they are not aware of the clock mechanisms.


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