Life At Dawn

Tired night hands over the reins to dawn

The sparkling lanterns across the sky are fading

Last stages of night whisper goodbye for now

World of dreams will illuminate with golden glow

Witness a magical transformation across the horizon

Sleepy and yawning souls will breathe morning freshness

It’s time to fold the night’s blanket and keep it aside

Embrace the warmth of golden hue to awaken the mind

Open your eyes wide in wonderment as new day smiles

Crooning morning mantra reverberates to please the senses

With very breath feel the refreshing air filled with hope

Dawn illuminates the world to realize every dream©

12 thoughts on “Life At Dawn

    1. Thank you so much. Darkness and the intriguing night has its own charm, but the transition is amazing. It’s like a mutual understanding between two phases of nature; the canvas becomes brilliant with many emotions of life. 🙂

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