The Elevator

When you have replaced the steps with an elevator

Creating a vertical freeway through concrete designs

Elevator algorithms ensure smooth passage to modern spaces

Modern efficiency to enable speedy passage to success

Apartments in skyscrapers standing in steely attention 

Plush interiors and designed interiors look inviting and boring

Carpeted floorings do absorb the sentiments of distressed footsteps

Rushing through every square-foot of designer labyrinths

The elevated rush that runs through the body for mere moments

But the adrenaline rush is a decoy to entice many into modern life

Steps became an alternative in the rapid progress of life

It’s symbolism reduced to an escape route in times of emergency

Potential energy diverted to invade the vertical limits of humanity©

15 thoughts on “The Elevator

  1. Wow! Wonderful thoughts on something as simple and common as an elevator, put so beautifully!
    (The elevator seems innocent to me though 😉 )

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      1. You are right about the strong foundation. But I guess success, these days, has become a lot easier to achieve. People’s declining definition of success is one main reason I think.
        I do agree with you though.

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      2. In the effort to make everything easy, we tend to compromise beyond our imagination. And anything built rapidly on a weak foundation is going to crumble. May be success has become a descent and in the sudden rush one tends to forget the consequences. I am not being cynical of success or who achieves it. I am sure there are people who still believes in achieving or have achieved success the correct way and I respect them always. They are true inspiration.

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      3. Right. It all depends on how one defines one’s success. Whether that success lasts long enough, is definitely determined by ‘the foundation’ it was built on. 🙂

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      4. Absolutely. Being self-aware and a wonderful human being who can bring happiness and hope to few people is successful. First, be a good human being with integrity and everything will follow if you enjoy the little successes along the way. 🙂 *you is a reference in general and not anyone in particular, used here for making a statement.

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      5. I agree! And thank you for defining “success” and “you” so well!
        (The former unquoted ‘you’ is a reference to you) 😀

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